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Kavoshgar promotes the achievements of the “movement of socialism from below”, which is based on the conviction and experience that “the emancipation of the working class can only be the workers own work”.

This movement repudiates capitalism and all aspects of  domination, class relations, hierarchical and bureaucratic systems, and fights for emancipation and equality.

The main task of the site is to transfer the achievements of the tendencies in this movement, such as Council Communism, Autonomous Communism, Libertarian Communism, etc. We may also include publications from other socialist tendencies that shed light on class struggle based on the above notion.

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Marx's theory of crisis as a theory of class struggle -Peter Bell and Harry Cleaver (Farsi)

A Critique of the German Social Democratic Program -M. Nakunin (Farsi)

Council Communism Theory, Reter Rachleff  (Farsi)

An interview with Henri Simon by Kavoshgar (Farsi)

Luxamburg versus Lenin, Paul Mattick (Farsi) (German)

Karl Korsch: A Marxist Friend of Anarchism, A.R. Giles-Peters (Farsi) (French) (Turkish)

Working Class Activity and Councils: Germany 1918-1923, Peter Rachleff  (Farsi)

Karl Korsch: His Contribution to Revolutionary Marxism, Paul Mattick (Farsi) (French)

Rätedemokratie statt Parteidiktatur, Cajo Brendel (Farsi)

Work, Value and Domination, Harry Cleaver (Farsi)

An Interview With Henri Simon (Farsi) (Swedish)

Origins of Modern Leftism, (book), Richard Gombin (Farsi)

The Content of Socialism, Part One, Cornelius Castoriadis (Farsi)

Humanism and Socialism, Paul Mattick (Farsi)

Letter to Socialisme ou Barbarie, Anton Pannekoek (Farsi), (French), (Portugues)

Letter on Workers Councils Anton Pannekoek  (Farsi)

Lenin's Phylosophy, Karl Korsch (Farsi) (French)

Some Thoughts Abought On-Going Discussions In Ultra-Left Milieus, Henri Simon (Farsi)

Anton Pannekoek, Paul Mattick  (Farsi) (French) (Italian) (Swedish) (Russian)

Theses on Bolshevism, Helmut Wagner (Farsi) (German)(French)

Decadence: The Theory of Decline or the Decline of Theory? Part III from Aufheben (Farsi)(Swedish) (French)

Trade Unionism, Anton Pannekoek (Farsi)

The Present State of the Problem of ‘Marxism and Philosophy’ – An Anti-Critique, Karl Korsch (Farsi)

Decadence: The Theory of Decline or the Decline of Theory? Part II from Aufheben (Farsi)(Swedish) (French)

Workers' Control, Paul Mattick (Farsi) (Swedish)

Libertarian Socialism, Dave Lamb (Farsi)

Decadence: The Theory of Decline or the Decline of Theory? Part I from Aufheben (Farsi) (Swedish) (French)

Some Thoughts On Organization, Henri Simon (Farsi) (Swedish)

The Working Class & Organization, Cornelius Castoriadis (Farsi)

The New Movement, Henri Simon (Farsi) (French) (Swedish) (Italian)

Anton Pannekoek and the Quest For an Emancipatory Socialism, John Gerber (Farsi)

Council Communism and The Critique of Bolshevism, Cajo Brendel (Farsi) (Kurdish)

Kronstadt: Proletarian Spin-off of the Russian Revolution, Cajo Brendel (Farsi)(Dutch)(German)(Russian)(Kurdish)

Karl Marx: Economist or Revolutionary? Harry Cleaver (Farsi)

Soviets and Factory Commitees in the Russian Revolution, Peter Rachleff. (Farsi) (Kurdish)

Some Thoughts on the Re-organization of the Revolutionary Left, Cajo Brendel (Farsi)

Council Communism, Neil Fettes (Farsi)

An interview with Harry Cleaver  (1993) (Farsi)(Swedish)(Dutch)

Socialisme ou Barbarie: A French Revolutionary Group(1949-65), Marcel Van der Linden  (Farsi) (French)

Council Communism, Richard Gombin (Farsi)

General Remarks On the Question of Organization, Anton Pannekoek (Farsi)

Spontaneity and Organization, Paul Mattick (Farsi)(French)



Marx & Keynes (book), Paul Mattick (pdf format)

Obsessions of Berlin, Paul Mattick

Council Communism, Mark Shipway

Marxism: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow,Paul Mattick

Bolshevism and Stalinism, Paul Mattick

The Lenin Legend, Paul Mattick



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